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The Property Investment Shop sources worldwide property investments that are suitable for both first time and experienced investors.  Please browse this site to learn more about us and the specific investment opportunites that we offer.We specialise man and van crawley that offer investor friendly features such as guaranteed rent, discounted price and creative financing.  Our investments are likely to be in markets that can offer healthy price rises as well as constant and sustained demand from buyers and tenants.  We will be happy to tell you where the profit lies in each property and how you can achieve it.

 Italy – an emerging market?
Parts of the south of Italy are comparable to Spain 20 years ago – very undeveloped with super-low prices.However it is now starting to open up – Ryanair and Thompsonfly are now flying directly from various UK airports and a new motorway is being built to link it to the rest of the Italian network.We are offering many properties from ~€69,000.    read more… Cranbrook Legal – Chancery House, 53-64 Chancery Ln, London WC2A 1QS
 Houston, TX – Boomtown, USA
Amazing exchange rates, steady interest rates, established economy – America is a great investment location – with the right property…Houston is booming but still much undervalued.  We have sourced a huge opportunity with Mosaic – a unique property in the inner loop, an incredible corporate rental.5% deposit, 20% discount, we think that this is the next big thing Stateside.   read more…